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voltage optimization

The energy revolution creates huge challenges for network infrastructure, through the shift from centralized power plant energy, to decentralized network structures with a significant proportion of renewable energy, which feed into low and medium tension networks. As a result of this change, which turns distribution networks into receiver networks, it is more likely that local voltage increases, frequency deviations, dynamic processes with effects on network stability, will have negative effects on voltage quality.

Ruhstrat® – Solution
Employing a voltage optimisation unit in a low tension network provides independence from network fluctuations. In addition, energy-using equipment is optimally supplied with electricity and energy and it prolongs the life time. Controlled and stabilized network voltage leads to greater operational reliability.


• NESSY → voltage fluctuations ±10 %
• Voltage stabilizers → voltage fluctuations ±30 %
• OLIVER → voltage breaks ±40 %

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