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Operational reliability (local network)

The European standard EN 50160 sets a voltage tolerance for low tension networks of +/- 10 % based on the nominal voltage. At the same time, according to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), decentralized energy producers may only increase the voltage by 3 %. Compliance of these both standards and regulations leads to voltage band problems in the distribution network.


Ruhstrat® – Solution
By employing low voltage control systems for existing local power transformers, the network voltage will be held permanently within the tolerance band. This means that compliance with the EN 50160 for the voltage band can be guaranteed, and at the same time higher capacity is created for feeding decentralized, renewable energy into the distribution network. There are additional advantages in the possibility of retrofitting existing local power transformers, the low voltage control systems are applicable for oil and cast resin transformers, they can also be employed as balancing valves and regulate asymmetries.

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