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Network Stabilizing System (NESSY)

The network stabilizing system NESSY offers a solution for voltage stability problems in towns and industrial networks.

NESSY controls und stabilizes the supplied  network voltage and ensures that it is held constantly at the level required by EN 50160 for optimal economical and electro-technical levels. 

NESSY regulates the output voltage by employing and controlling step  transformers with secondary sides serial in the low voltage.

Technical Specifications

Average power:
50 bis 630 kVA
Control range:
± 6 % / ± 10 %
Control speed:
250 ms pro Stufe
1,5 % / 2,0 %
Efficiency grade:
> 99 %
Regulation is phase independent
Tolerance of the tension range parameter is possible in 4 quadrant electrometers, i.e. as soon as the circuit flow reverses, the voltage can be lowered and regulated in secondary terminal connected net sections.