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Energy cost reduction

voltage optimization

As energy systems change, prices for electrical energy continually rise - not least because of levies to support renewable energy. At the same time, the generally increasing number of feed-in points is leading to an increase in voltage values in low tension networks, along with an increase in the range of fluctuation.

Ruhstrat – Solution
Voltage control units control and stabilize the supplied network voltage and ensure, based on EN 50160, that it consistently stays at a level that is economically and electrically optimal for the company. Especially for voltage-dependent user groups this leads to markedly lower power consumption and hence electricity usage, and therefore to a noticeable reduction in energy costs. In addition a stabilized operating voltage prolongs the life of all electricity-consuming equipment.


• DeltaVolt - stabilization of the network voltage, at a level based on EN 50160 that is economically and electrically optimal for the company