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Variable Toroidal Transformers

Ruhstrat® variable toroidal transformers are manufactured according to DIN VDE 0552. A special advantage are the have galvanically refined decks of Ruhstrat® variable toroidal transformers. They assure a constant transfer resistance and increase service life and operation safety. 

  • according to EN 61558 / DIN VDE 0570
  • voltage range up to 500 V
  • rated frequency from 50 up to 400 Hz
  • single-phase and three-phase design
  • construction for normal and heavy-duty operation according to VDE 0552 § 5
  • type of protection: IP 00 up to IP 54
  • as test system with electronic control (PLC) for applications a:
    - AC/DC power supply
    - AC/DC high-voltage supply
    - high-current supply system
    - AC/DC laboratory unit for test and development purposes

Example of use:

  • e. g. voltage adjustment on lighting installations, electrical heat resistors, rectifier plants, plastic presses and spraying machines, high-voltage plants and high-current plants, stabilization of current and voltage, laboratory installations and test equipment, measuring and regulation circuits, air engineering etc.
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Variable Transformers