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Low voltage dry-type transformers

Ruhstrat® low voltage dry-type transformers are developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with relevant EC directives, European standards and VDE regulations, in particular DIN EN 61558.

  • single-phase or three-phase design
  • separate winding or autowinding (autotransformer)
  • coil material copper or aluminium
  • power range from 40 VA up to 2 MVA*
  • voltage value up to 10 KV
  • as energy saving transformer with a efficiency > 99 %
  • in combination with a variable transformer connected in series, in order to steplessly regulate voltages in the output
  • degrees of protection: IP 00, IP 20/IP 23 with steel-sheet enclosure, IP 54 with air/water heat exchanger or as oil transformer

* Higher power values are individually possible.

Examples of use:

  • e. g. pre-magnetization transformers for the reduction of the inrush current, test fields, machine controls, marine engineering, resistance-heated industrial furnaces, glass melting plants, neutral earthing transformers etc.