ETS is proud to announce the exclusive coorperation with ALO

Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (ETS) - is proud to announce the exclusive cooperation with ALO Center AB on the field of pull-through hardening and tempering systems for band saw material. This cooperation has the goal to offer the customers of both parties the best pull-through hardening and tempering systems in the world.

“We are really pleased to team up with ALO,” says Martin Wiese, ETS’s Product and Sales Manager, “because we knew that ALO historically is a well-established machine supplier to the top performance band saw manufacturer and with the right specialist knowledge over the whole value-creation chain.”

"So, we're very proud about this new cooperation with ETS. And personally, I'm looking forward to working with ETS for years to come to take on some of these exciting challenges and help customers become even more productive." – Tomas Lind, the president of ALO.

198-ILTA Mk.IV.Continuous hardening and inline tempering of bi-metal band saw blades.


198-ILTD Continuous hardening and with inline double muffle tempering furnace for bi-metal band saw blades.


Long traditions

ETS is a manufacturer of furnaces and hardening and tempering lines with over 100 references. ETS stands for reliability and provides quickly-responsive service of high quality. ETS is very much able to innovate in submarkets, not least because of their own teams of engineers in the key markets of the USA and China. The production of hardening and tempering furnaces is among the core competencies of ETS, which are an essential component of pull-through hardening and systems furnaces for, among other things, band saws. Alongside the hardening and tempering furnaces, ETS obtains from external suppliers the further components required.

ALO is a world-renowned provider of equipment and machinery for band saw producers. ALO use its expertise in electronics, mechatronics and software development, combined with an innovative mindset and a solid commitment to deliver high quality products. By using ALO’s Coiling systems, Quick Quench, Induction pre-heating, Central controls with ETS modern and well insulated pull-through hardening and tempering furnaces ALO and ETS will be able to offer the ultimate future lines.

Cooperation benefits
This cooperation will accelerate the development of more effective systems in the area of pull-through hardening and tempering. ALO together with ETS will be able to generate complex synergies in global business with bi-metal band saws and offer the customers the best pull-through hardening and tempering systems in the world.

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