History of the Ruhstrat GmbH

History of Ruhstrat®

Home of Tradition and Progress

Ruhstrat was founded in 1888 by the brothers Adolf and Ernst Ruhstrat. Since then the "electrotechnical shop" in Goettingen has turned into a modern medium-sized family company.

In 1894 Ruhstrat created the adjustable sliding resistor – in collaboration with the Noble prize winner Prof. Walter Nernst from the University of Goettingen - which formed the basis for the adjustment respectively change of resistances as well as of current and voltage.

The further development led to the construction of the first resistance-heated high-temperature furnace in 1896 and since 1898 the construction of high-temperature furnaces for industrial use was assigned to the "electro-mechanical workshop Gebr. Ruhstrat".

Since that time Ruhstrat has manufactured high-tech industrial furnace plants operating at up to 3000° C for the most diverse forms of heat treatment, together with the transformers which are necessary for their operation.

In 1916, the first emergency lighting systems with individual batteries were supplied by Ruhstrat. In the following years, the concentration of efforts on the production and sale of transformers, powerresistors, emergency power supplies and resistance-heated industrial furnaces was further increased. For more than 100 years Ruhstrat has been bringing technology in these areas to the fore.

In 1960 the registered office of the company was transferred from Goettingen to Bovenden–Lenglern. Larger, more modern plant installations and production facilities provided Ruhstrat with the opportunity to expand further and to improve its competitiveness thereby.

Since 1993, Ruhstrat has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001 (German Industrial Standard/international standard organisation).

For our domestic and international customers this certification means that, with Ruhstrat, quality is ensured as a matter of course. With high quality, experience and knowledge gained over 110 years Ruhstrat has established itself internationally as being one of the leading electrotechnical enterprises. Ruhstrat technology is used in industry, universities, institutes, laboratories and research institutions throughout the world.

The cooperation in the Central Federation for the Electrical Industry (ZVEI) in the collaboration with universities, colleges and research institutes steadily provides Ruhstrat with new impulses regarding research and development.

Ruhstrat's focus of interest nowadays centres on two strategic business segments:

  • electrically and fuel-heated industrial furnaces
  • transformers, chokes, power resistors