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Drive Supply Systems

Electric Test Solutions

Ruhstrat, as an internationally established brand for technical testing systems, and TORNATEC, building on years of experience in drive systems, together provide your customers the best outcomes and an accompanying high product quality. We are proud to be able to confirm this level of trust again and again on a daily basis. We always maintain an overview of everything for you and offer you the best possible solution.

The product consists of a custom-designed, universal drive
supply system (AC) with variable voltage and variable frequency
that can be individually dimensioned in regard to both its power
range and its voltage range to suit particular applications.

This system can be realised not only in a 2Q version but also as a
4Q version, that is, regenerative with active front end (AFE). The
AFE can also be expanded by a generator converter connected
to the DC intermediate circuit. Such a design then even allows
regenerative loading tests to be performed on electric motors,
for which only the power loss of the system from the grid is

Its combination with transformers enables almost all voltage
levels – including medium voltage – to be realised on both the
mains side and the output side. In addition to mains filters, the
systems also include sinusoidal filters to ensure the voltage
quality required by the standards. Both voltage and frequency
can be regulated independently of each other.

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Typical applications:

  • Electrical power supply systems for e.g. electric motors, pumps, fans or transformers
  • Motor testing, also according to IEC 60034
  • Pump testing, also according to EN ISO 9906
  • Transformer testing, also according to IEC 61558