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Customised product solutions - made in germany

Electric Test Solutions

Eisenmann Thermal Solutions is a modern company with a long tradition and decades of experience as an internationally established electrical engineering specialist. Eisenmann Thermal Solutions provides technology for electrical engineering applications and special purpose machines. Instead of standard products, Eisenmann Thermal Solutions produces leading-edge technology that is tailored to individual customer requirements.

The electrical engineering segment focuses on the product areas of electrical test engineering, voltage optimisation, transformers, reactors and power resistors. With special knowledge of furnace construction technology the special purpose machine segment manufactures primarily industrial furnaces for carbonising and thermal treatment systems for lab and  industrial applications.

Our company contributes actively to the Central Association of the German Electrical and Electronics Industry (ZVEI) and cooperates intensively with universities, technical colleges and research institutes. This sustainable process of exchange is a constant source of new impulses in our own research and development.