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AC/DC high-current supplies

Electric Test Solutions

AC high-current supplies are used to test products of several thousand amperes. Applications include warming and testing of switchgear, busbars, fuses, etc. under nominal load or at a defined overload in an endurance test.

Depending on the desired regulating accuracy, high-current supplies consist of a coarse stage and a fine stage in order to increase the resolution for the current regulation. The coarse stage is roughly adjusted to the desired current. The fine stage performs the fine adjustment (automatic stabilisation of the output current).

The sine wave of the test voltage is essential for the reproducibility of your measurements. Transformer-type AC high-current supplies, with amplitude adjustment to the voltage setting, offer the advantage of a constant clean sinus wave from the input all the way to the test item. The measurements are therefore reproducible and no EMC problems will arise. (Exception: the test item has a negative effect on the supply).


Technical specifications

  • Single-phase or three-phase high-current supply
  • Nominal currents up to 30,000 Amperes AC
  • Nominal currents up to 22,000 Amperes DC
  • Separate modular design of control, adjusting and high-current unit
  • High-current unit with degree of protection up to IP54, protection class 2, installation in immediate vicinity of consumer is possible – this minimises cable and busbar distances, therefore reducing voltage drops and busbar losses


  • Thermal testing of cables, contacts, busbars,
    low-voltage distribution boards and switchgear
  • Testing of triggering characteristics of fuses,
    circuit breakers, etc