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Electrical Test Solutions

Continuously variable control of voltage, current and power

Testing of electric and electronic components, both in industrial enterprises and at schools and universities, is an important aspect of development work as well as quality assurance. An extensive inspection of products is necessary in order to ensure compliance with standards and regulations, and also to guarantee the safety of the products.



  • Drive technology, e.g. for no-load measurement of three-phase motors according to IEC 60034-2
  • Cable industry, e.g. for endurance tests of high-voltage cables according to IEC 60840
  • Renewable energies, e.g. for testing inverters (island test) according to DIN EN 62116
  • Switchgear, e.g. for temperature rise test according to IEC 61439-1/-2 and IEC 62271-202
  • Testing of triggering characteristics in circuit breakers, fuses, etc.